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three teenagers during an early morning run near his girlfriend's house. >>here's not going to be any good because it was so senseless. >> all three teenagers have been charged in the crime. investigators say that there is no apparent reason he was picked to be killed. news time 6:33. there's new strange details continuing to come out about the kidnapping of a 16-year-old in california. the man who abducted hannah and a er anderson who killed her mother and brother named a family member in his insurance policy. he left her grandmother the money. he believes the money was for the benefit of hannah. here's a name that take you 60 seconds to say. bez he is behind
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dick vandyke tweeted out this photograph of a car torched and said, quote, used jag for sale, real cheap. the actor and his wife were driving on a freeway west of los angeles when the car fight fire yesterday. they both got out safely. he's best known for the dick vandyke show. we're getting another glimps of the royal family's new bundle of joy. take a look at those photos. they were taken by kate's father. the photos came on the same day that prince william gave his first interview about his new life as a dad. >> sleep more and get naps at times. >> he said he's looking forward to going back to work to get some sleep. take a live look at the
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inner harbor. you can see a lot of people out there running this early in the morning. might be a good time to do it. we will find out from lynette. >> any time today will be a great time. lots of sunshine in the forecast. i'll tell you when that fog burns off. a crash is causing heavy delays on the west side of the beltway. we're all dealing with congestion due to a crash on 95. i'll have the latest drive times for you coming up after the break. why choose land o' lakes butter in half sticks?
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it's pre-measured. fresh tasting. and it's only from land o' lakes.
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let's start you off with a look at what's going on. we have a dense fog advisory in effect until 10:00 for all the areas here shaded in the gray color. some areas really under reduced visibility. that's going to tonight through 9:00 about then we will start to see changes for today. i think you will like the changes. let's take you out doors into dundalk. we are looking at the key bridge back there. some patchy fog but not as dense as it is in some areas this morning. so that's definitely some good news around the dundalk area. temperature wise, 63 degrees, dew point at 63 in hickory. we have 100% humidity there. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, we're dry right now. this trend will persist through out the day and carry over into tomorrow. we will continue that sunshine once that fog begins to burn off. that temperature by lunchtime around 83 degrees. by this afternoon we're talking about 3:00, 4:00 that temperature at 86 degrees. we should be at 85. i'm going to
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call it seasonable for today. a tractor trailer crash continues to cause delays on the southwest corner of 95. it's northbound right at the beltway. here's a look at the delays at 195. there's also a crash southbound at the ramp to route 175 that you want to keep in mind. if you're travelling on the beltway it doesn't get any better. there's a crash on the outer loop blocking one lane at frederick road. take a look at the latest drive times. 41 minutes, that's what we're up to from 795 down to 95. the ceo's i'd -- the east side of the beltway in great shape. 895 no problems whatsoever. the harbor tunnel in great shape. we do have a crash though in middle river on martin boulevard at route 40. more problems in harford county. there's a crash on route 165 at route 543. another in aberdeen on route 40 at short lane. that's your time saver traffic. people living in an
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apartment building in caytonsville are without a home after a large fire broke out. it happened over night. roosevelt has been live at the scene all morning talking to people. what can you tell us right now? >> reporter: well, take a like behind me. you can see what's left of the house. they had a lot of intense fire and flames here. a good chunk of the house, almost the exact center of the duplex collapsed. th is a look at fire -- at the fire this morning. it's across from saint mark's church. the flames were visible outside of the four apartment duplex. four people managed to get out, two adults and two very small children. they were able to get out of the house. it went to three alarms because of the intensity of the flames. we talked with the family inside the house. they said they got out with basically
6:43 am
grabbing what they could, their kids, and got out of there. >> we're fine. the house is -- i think it's gone. other than that, we're fine. we're good. we're healthy. the neighbors were great too. they gave us some support. for now i think we're good. >> reporter: he said basically that they had very little time to get out of the house. he said they smelled smoke -- the smoke detectors went off around 10:00. they never saw anything. think checked it out. there was -- they checked it out there was nothing. about 1:00 people were pounding on the door. one firefighter had a problem with his back from fighting this fire. he's expected to be just fine. once again fire rips through a house at 38 winters lane across the street from saint mark's church. we will continue to follow this story on our website at
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breaking this morning, a fire is burning in a new jersey recycling plant in jersey city. heavy flames can be seen for miles. this fire broke out in simms metal management just after 11:00 last night. these are live picture from the scene right now. there's no word on when the fire will be under control. this is one of the worlds largest recycling plants. live pictures, that's why you're seeing that zoom out. we will stay on top of this story on air, online and on twitter. don't forget to follow us. keeping with the fire theme, the latest in the western wild fires rolling through a number of states. mother nature not helping at all with the problems going on. strong winds in the columbia river gorge fanned an oregon wild fire burning 8 square miles, forcing a number of evacuations monday while others wait to hear if they're going to have to get out too. the fires are burning near
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deals, a columbia river city. officials say 55 buildings have been ordered evacuated but it's not clear how many of those are homes. to idaho now where more than 1,100 firefighters including the hot shot team are looking to reenforce the fire line and help helicopters. this one is 160 square miles. this is known as the beaver creek fire. only 8% contained right now. this is close to resort town like hailey and sun valley. now to northern california. more -- more winds threatening a fire there. other wild fires in utah, also in montana. five states out west feeling the effects of the fire and of mother nature. we're following breaking news out of west baltimore. this just into the news room. four people have been shot on
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south carry street near ward street. this happened just of 6:00 this morning. the victims were taken to shock trauma. we do have a crew on the way to the scene right now. follow us on twitter at abc 2 news for the latest update. four people shot in baltimore city. they were taken to the hospital. we will stay on top of this story. we have updates throughout the morning so we will continue to keep you posted. lawyers for army private bradley manning urges a military judge to balance rehab and punishment before sentencing the soldier for giving classified information to wikileaks. the judge at fort meade said she will deliberating a sentence today. prosecutors are recommending 60 years for manning. movies will play on the big screen at the senator theater in baltimore. the owners plan to reopen it on thursday, october 10th. you can mark your calendars. the theater will be opened with a screening of the movie hair spray. it's been closed since april of last year
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for extensive renovations. a restaurant and new seating has been put in. it has been a landmark since 1939. the city's department of parks is holding a series of public meetings. the first is thursday. that gets started at 6:30. the goal is to improve the quality of facilities and find ways to help the pool system grow. one -- firefighters will get a 16.5% pay raise in exchange for working for hours. they will be required to work 47.5 hours a week. that means the city can save millions but cutting over time cost. lime disease is ten times more common. as many as 300,000 americans are diagnosed every single year. for many years the cdc says they have known that
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many doctors don't report every single case. if left untreated it can cause very serious things like arthritis, even sometimes more severe problems. in the united states the majority of lime disease reports have come from 13 states including maryland. delaware attorney general bow biden is underwayen e vail going and vailuation. he traveled to his son to texas for the evaluation monday. he's not released any information about his ongoing condition. ravens fans are pretty much a loyal group. a new study puts ravens fans number 8 among the 32 nfl teams. the top of the list, how about them cowboys. dallas is number one. they used team box office revenues
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relative to the team's success on the field, market population and stadium capacity. the 1972 miami dolphins are being invited to the white house. president obama will honor them today. back in 1972 it wasn't a tradition for the president to invite teams to the white house to congratulate them. >> to think that 40 years later that great accomplishment is going to be remembered by the president of the united states, that's pretty impressive. >> the 1972 miami dolphins remain the only nfl team to win every game in the regular season and playoffs. they beat the redskins in the super bowl in 1973. take a look at this. this is incredible. it's time lapse video showing the eruption of a volcano in new zealand.
6:50 am
it's mostly steam you're seeing shooting into the air. the volcano has been going on and off for about a year now. this happened shortly after an active in japan did the same thing. the mountains are 5,600 miles apart. >> gorgeous to see. for today not to gor so gorgeous in terms of fog this morning. we have that dense fog advisory. that could be dangerous if you don't put a lot of distance between you and that vehicle in front of you. take it easy on the roadways this morning. look at this beautiful sunrise this morning. the areas that have that dense fog advisory until 10:00, once that fog burns off, this is what you're going to be seeing. that should be happening around 10:00 this morning, 9:00 this morning. in terms of temperatures this morning, we're coming at 66 degrees right now in fallston,
6:51 am
columbia 62, stevensville 65, 64 northeast. at the surface we have high pressure working for us. this will continue to bring us lots of sunshine for today and tomorrow. not picking up on a whole lot because we will stay dry until thursday and that's when we will start to see the changes coming in the forecast for us. as we look at the planner for today, things to do. outside, a good day to do it. mostly sunny skies until 7:00. we have the o's playing the rays tonight. that temperature at 82 degrees by 7:00. sent in a great photo because we want to see it. the changes come thursday and friday with showers and storms but nice by the weekend. now a check of the traffic with lauren. >> we are dealing with heavy delays due to a tractor trailer cash that's blocking one northbound lane at the beltway. another crash southbound at the
6:52 am
off ramp to route 175. a slow go on 695, just 10 miles per hour on the outer loop at baltimore national pike due to a crash at frederick road. eight cars involved. drive times up to 40 minutes for those of you making the stretch from 795 down to 95. the beltway is clear from parkville up to towson as well as the jfx. 54 miles per hour southbound to cold spring lane. we have a crash downtown light street at lombard street. you can follow me on twitter for the latest traffic alerts. that's your time saver traffic. a pakistan court has indicted former president. charges include murder and conspiracy to commit murder. prosecutors said he did not protect his prime minister during the attack at a political
6:53 am
rally. the former president and army chief has pleaded not guilty. negotiations between penn state and young men who claim they were sexually abused by jersey sandusky are starting. a lawyer working for penn state said that the one settlement with a victim, victim number 5, so far should be followed by 24 more this week. the pending agreements include most of the eight young men who testified against jersey sandusky. a flight on its way from boston to austin was diverted in tennessee because of an unruly passenger. he tried to open an emergency commit. the man was escorted off. by the time security got there he had calmed down. these stories and more coming up in just minutes on good morning america. we've got breaking news right here in baltimore. >> absolutely. we are going to send you off to good morning america but stay on top of this breaking news.
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coming out of west baltimore, four people shot. the victims were taken to shock trauma. we have a crew on the scene. stay with us. as good morning america rolls on we have updates throughout the day. >> we're done here for right now. we're always with you at we'll be back in 25 minutes for news, weather and traffic. [ kool-aid man ] i'm just like everybody else. oh yeah! i put my pants on one leg at a time except my pants are 22 different flavors. but other than that, i'm completely normal. [ male announcer ] now introducing new kool-aid liquid. smile, it's kool-aid.
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good morning, america. breaking now, brand-new fires burst across the west. erratic winds, spreading new firestorms from oregon to california right now. the dry, hot weather and lightning making it fierce on the fire lines. the vice president's son, beau biden hospitalized after an alarming finding on a family vacation. a growing medical mystery for the rising political star. and bad, joe biden, by his side this morning. real-life drama for dick van
6:57 am
dyke. his car explodes into a fireball, seconds after he escapes thanks to a good samaritan. his thoughts this morning after he narrowly escaped. >> he yanked me out of the car. i was trying to call the dmv. america's first pooch got a little sister at the white house. the brand-new video of bo meeting his new puppy playmate. now, the world meets sunny obama, this morning. and good morning, everyone. boy, sunny is going to keep bo young out there at the white house, isn't she? they play around on the white house lawn yesterday. the first lady tweeting, she's so excited to introduce the newest member of the obama family. we're going to get to that. also, the latest on the crisis in egypt. tense discussions going on
6:58 am
inside the american government, whether to cut off aid. martha raddatz is in cairo, live for us this morning. we want to get to details of a serious medical scare for the family of vice president joe biden. his son, beau, in a texas hospital for testing. and jim avila has the latest. >> reporter: a rare press release from the vice president's office overnight, about the health of the vice president's son, beau biden. his symptoms can be considered serious because of family medical history. he's had a stroke 3 1/2 years ago and his father had an aneurysm at age 45. this morning, the vice president's office says the younger biden is undergoing tests at an undisclosed hospital in houston. his famous father by his side. >> he's the father i've always known, the grandfather my children love and adore. >> reporter: the 44-year-old is more than just the vice president's son. the attorney general of his home state of delaware. and an iraq war veteran. he's seen as a rising star in the democratic party.
6:59 am
mentioned as a future governor or to one day fill his father's old senate seat. >> first things first, make sure i focus on my family and focus on my job. >> reporter: but on wednesday, the father of two began suffering weakness. feeling disoriented while driving to a family vacation in inn. concerning symptoms, similar to ones three years ago, when he suffered a mild stroke. this time, at the first sign of trouble, biden traveled north to chicago's northwestern medical center. and the next day, on to the same philadelphia hospital where he was treated in 2010. he was later discharged and spent the weekend at his family home. this twitter picture shows him on the porch with the vice president. the white house is not releasing any details of beau ben's condition. saying only he's undergoing tests in houston. >> jim, thanks. let's get more from dr. richard besser. you don't think of someone this young being subject to a stroke. >> most people aren't.

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